2nd Blog :)

TASK: What is the one most important idea or experience that you have discovered in the writings of Indigenous authors (other than Kim Scott) or in the writings of authors about their Indigenous experience?

The most intriguing idea I’ve come across in writings by other authors about their Indigenous experience comes from Judith Wright, when she speaks about how she felt as a white child, learning how her home was taken brutally from the Indigenous Australians by the European settlers. More specifically, Wright speaks of the shame and guilt she felt as a white person because of others’ actions. In her poem, “At Cooloolah”, Judith Wright speaks of how she feels like the land is challenging her, challenging her to question whether or not she really belongs here. The land is personified when she says that “a driftwood spear thrust from the water” and she directly states that “I’m a stranger, come of a conquering people… being unloved by all my eyes delight in, and made uneasy…”. This high modality language further conveys her feelings of being challenged and being unwelcome in the land she has come to call home.


One thought on “2nd Blog :)

  1. michaelgriffith1 says:

    Well written and thoughtful entry again Felicity. However, there are no visual components in your blog. Please look at the rubric. A well designed visual component can enhance your blog (and your mark!). But be sure to acknowledge all visual components copied from the Web: at the very least link the visual element to the URL from where you copied it.


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