Sixth Blog

TASK: You are the scholar gypsy. Explain to your friends why you have decided to run away from conventional education.

My friends,

Forgive me for repeating such a cliché, but I have run away. Away from this life, away from its responsibilities and the calamity that is swiftly approaching. The calamity I refer to is mundaneness. Boredom. A sense of being overwhelmed, and not in a pleasant way. The world is changing, the world we once knew it as is quickly fading away into the distance and I do not intend on simply accepting that my world, and what I enjoy most in life, will soon be no more and that there is nothing I can do to preserve whatever I can of it. Thus, I’ve run away. This new world has too many tasks, too many distractions, too little humour and not nearly enough delight and fun.

Convention taught me how to behave, how to conduct myself and how to live my life in a way that only society, and people who don’t even know I exist, deem fit and appropriate. Well, to hell with convention. I have beliefs, wishes and dreams too and I am also a human being with feelings and emotions, just like anyone else and how can I say that I am living a full life, when in fact I am not? That I’m living the life I’ve always wanted, when I’m not? That I’m achieving all my dreams, hopes and happiness, when I know I’m not? I can’t do it any longer and I’ll not be denied my true happiness any longer; so I’ve run away, disappeared, to live my life the way I choose it, not how someone else chooses it. I’ve tried to fit in with convention and play the part of an ideal, proper working citizen who goes mad at the end of every day with the enormity of all they have to do and is so overwhelmed that they can’t focus on anything, just because there is so much to do! But I can’t do it any longer, and so I must bid you farewell.

I wish you all every happiness and good wish for the future. I also wish you all the courage and fortitude you can muster; I think you’re going to need it if you’re to survive in this new world! Unless, of course, you choose to follow my course of action and run away with me?

Fondest regards and warmest wishes, my friends,


the scholar gypsy - matthew arnold

“The Scholar Gypsy” (1853), by Matthew Arnold. Image from:


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