Fifth Peer Review

Jesse Owad –

“Hey Jesse,
I love this blog, I did the same topic this week, and I really like how you talk about the hypocrisy of education and how we always say how much we value it but don’t actually pay all that much attention to it. I also like how you say that the intellectual, bookish side of education isn’t all there is and that there is so much more to education, like life experiences and that they teach us so much, maybe even more than what books teach us. I think you’ve done a very good job at encapsulating the frustration we all feel as university students sometimes and how we all get really bored of just studying when all we want is to be out in the world, living life as we want to.

What a great job you’ve done! 😀 Just two things: “Oxford” should be spelt with a capital “O”, as it’s the name of a place, and “gypsy’s” should be “gypsies”.”


One thought on “Fifth Peer Review

  1. michaelgriffith1 says:

    Good supportive comments Felicity, but I would encourage you to be more bold in your corrections of your peers. You know your own language well and others will really appreciate your insights 🙂


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