Sixth Peer Review

Tara Briggs –

“Hi Tara,
I think this is a great post, it’s wonderful and thought-provoking 🙂 You’ve encapsulated some of my own thoughts on these authors too. I think you’re quite right when you say that Dickens makes mention of people in all levels of society, from the Gradgrinds to the Slearys in “Hard Times”, while Austen really only pays attention to the upper classes of society in her novels and Eliot is a combination of the two. Your brief analysis of the characters is thorough and I really like your summarising statement at the end that all three authors have intelligent ideas that are relevant even up to the 21st century. You don’t show a bias or preference for one particular author, which shows an objective and very well-written piece – fabulous work! 🙂 Just one small thing: in your paragraph about Dickens, “effected” should be “affected” with an a, not an e.”


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