Seventh Peer Review

Victoria Zullo –

“Hi Victoria,
I had a really good time reading your blog, I did the same question this week for my blog, except I took on a more historical point of view. I found your blog very interesting and a different take on the question compared to my response. I love how you bring up the fact that, in The Death of Ivan Ilych, we see the life that wealthy people lead and how it isn’t all it’s chalked up to be: it can be quite shallow and can lead you into trouble, and yet it’s just the opposite when it comes to the working class. I think it’s great how you continued on this point with Master and Man, with Nikita, from the working class, being of a more humble and kind nature, as opposed to Vasily Andreevich from the upper class and it takes a near-death situation for Andreevich to show some humanity and compassion. What a great blog, very well done!! 😊 Just a couple of small things: I picked up a few lowercase “i’s” when they should be uppercase, as they’re at the start of a sentence and it’s spelled “Andreevich”, not “Andreevichov”. 🙂


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