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TASK: Imagine you are Huck on the raft. Write a letter to the world saying why you want to be where you are and why the world should be different than what it is.

Dear World,

I’ve capitalised the word “world” because I’m now writing to the world as if it were a real, living, breathing, talking person. It’s a real place, why can it not be a real person too? I think it is sometimes. Nature responds when something happens: the leaves rustle and the water ripples when the wind blows, the birds fly south for the winter to find food, bears hibernate when food is scarce, the ground and water freeze over in ice when it gets too cold and fires start when it gets too hot. There’s always cause and effect.

This is why I want to be where I am. Travelling the length of America by river, with no end in sight, no responsibilities to worry about and no one I owe anything to. Discovering the country by water has opened my eyes to how vast the world is and how much more there is to it than the life I was born into. How beautiful, wondrous, incredible and astonishing it all is! This is why I want to be where I am: the opportunities out here are practically limitless and the experiences nothing like I’ve ever known before.

The world should be different than what it is and I can’t really understand why it is the way it is or how it even came to be this way. The world should be a place where people can choose what they want their life to be, instead of just following in their parents’ footsteps or doing what’s expected of them. A place where everyone is equal and no one is lesser than anyone else for any reason. It’s remarkable what travelling with someone like Jim can teach you and, more importantly, what people like Jim himself can teach you. People truly come from all walks of life but they are still people: you just need to take the time to get to know them. That’s the way the world should be. So different from what it currently is.



3 thoughts on “Fourth Blog

  1. alexpoeder says:

    Hi Felicity,

    Great blog this week!

    Your concept of the world as a living thing and cause and effect was really interesting to read.

    The world around Huck being so astonishing and the reason he is content with where he is was an interesting notion. I personally didn’t consider this idea when I wrote my blog.

    Your mention of people being people and should be treated as such is what I resonated with. I really like this idea, that Jim has shown Huck how a person should be treated, and in turn shown him what it means to feel empathy and humanity.

    Good job 🙂



  2. daniellegatt says:

    Hi Felicity,

    I absolutely loved this blog post! Reading it felt like a really beautiful ending -or from Huck’s perspective, a reflection- on the sheer significance of his journey across the Mississippi River. You’ve shown a really thorough understanding of his character right from the beginning, as you question the lack of pronouns used when addressing the ‘World’. I really liked this detail because the book itself focuses on Huck’s struggle with morality and conforming to societal expectations, and this detail really toys with the idea of the importance of education within such expectations, and what it really teaches us. What may appear as carelessness within Huck’s character, upon really reading your piece, he is more of an inquisitive character with a broadened and open perspective to the ‘World’.

    My only piece of advice would have been to have a look at the question of ‘why’ in your chosen blog question as I feel like this still has some more that could be written out. It would really further an already amazing piece of writing!

    Best of luck,


  3. michaelgriffith1 says:

    This is a great entry Felicity. Well written, imaginative and thought-provoking. Great work. But it would benefit hugely by the inclusion of some visual element. How about a picture of the huge river?
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *The world should be different than what it is = The world should be different from what it is


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