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TASK: Write a letter by Alf Dubbo declaring what he thinks true Christianity is.

My friend,

So often I have wondered at what true Christianity is. So often I have wondered what it means to be a Christian and who God is. So often I have wondered what to believe.

You know that I was raised by white people and was brought up to believe in what they do: the Church and its sanctity. I did believe for a while, you know this too, but my experiences with Mr Calderon left me scarred and forever untrusting of white men and anything they believe in.

So for a long time, I have been on my own, both wandering and wondering. I have muddled my way through the world and now find myself among people I seem to fit in with and, more importantly, whom I like.

But it still leaves the question of what I believe in and where I place my faith. being Indigenous, my ancestors had their own beliefs, which are so unique to the Indigenous Australian culture. However, I have never believed in it nor have I ever really identified with it because of my white upbringing. Honestly? I do still believe in God, Christianity and all it teaches and preaches but now that I’m so much older, I like to put my own perspective on it and interpret it the way I see Christianity.

I see Christianity as forgiveness. Grace. Kindness. Humility. Faith. All the core values that decent people have and the values that every person should have. But that is not the way the world works, is it? So I must have something else to believe in, something greater than humans and even greater than the men who wear the garments and robes that proclaim they know God better than anyone and that they are every believer’s salvation. I must believe in something, or someone, beyond this life who we only get to glimpse every now and then in this life through things like forgiveness, grace, kindness, humility and most importantly, faith.

This, my friend, is what I believe true Christianity to be.



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