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TASK: Write a letter to Queen Victoria alerting her to the fact that her railway carriage does nothing to help the poorer classes love her as a queen.

To Her Majesty Queen Victoria,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the poorer classes of society, in response to your extravagant railway carriage. Your Majesty, parading your expensive carriage with its intricate designs and expensive furnishings is not the way to gain favour with the lower classes of society. I’m not sure whether you’re aware of the conditions they live in or the hardships they face on a daily basis, but Your Majesty, their conditions in life are appalling. If they are lucky enough to find work, it is usually incredibly dangerous work that leaves them at a great risk for injury, illness and even death and makes them work long, strenuous hours that takes time away from their families. That’s only if they are lucky enough to find work: most people don’t find it at all and are reduced to having to beg on the streets and they struggle to feed their families or maintain acceptable living quarters.

Your Majesty, with this in mind, can you, in good conscience, continue to flaunt your fine carriage in this way when there are many people in your charge who struggle on a daily basis and face challenges no one on Earth should have to endure? I imagine you’ve never worked a day in your privileged life, nor even ventured out beyond further than what London high society deems “appropriate” for a queen, but isn’t that all the more reason for you to see with your own eyes and judge for yourself just how poorly some people have it in life and perhaps make you realise that, just because you live in splendour and were raised in the lap of luxury, doesn’t mean everyone else enjoys the same luxuries as you.

Your Majesty, if you continue this way, I fear that rebellions and riots may erupt and disturb the peace England has been striving for, for so long. Queen Victoria, flaunting your finery is not the way to endear yourself to people, especially not the poorer rungs of society. Whether gaining their favour or not is a main concern of yours, I don’t know, but even I can guess that keeping EVERYONE happy, not just a select few, is more important when you are ruler of an Empire.

With my warmest and sincerest regards,

Felicity McManus


The inside of Queen Victoria’s railway carriage. Image from: