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TASK: Write a letter to either Judith Beveridge, Les Murray or David Malouf telling them what you have found of greatest interest in their writing today.

Dear Mr. Murray,

I find your poem “The Cool Green” really fascinating and I find your description of money to be quite accurate. I like how you suggest that we humans serve money, instead of money serving us, even though we require money for everyday life – we need money but money doesn’t need us. I really like the line “but money is never seen nude”. I think this is really profound and I agree – money is always transformed into something else (credit cards, material things, etc.) and we don’t really see money in its most basic form. It sort of ties into the second-last stanza, “Our waking dreams feature money everywhere but in our sleeping dreams it is strange and rare”. This also says that we are being constantly bombarded with images of money during the day when we’re awake and it’s always right there in front of us, so we’re forced to think about it, but when we’re asleep, we don’t dream about it at all. The last stanza is also quite thought-provoking, when it mentions that money “didn’t want our souls” – and yet, it almost has taken our souls and made us so obsessed with it – and that it also captured “life away from poetry, ideology and religion” – all the things that really matter and what make us human and give us feelings and emotions. These things have been taken away from us because of money and the effects it has had on us overtime.

I think you have written an incredible poem about money and its effects on humankind. You have described it in a highly unique way that is admirable and completely spot on in what you say about it – how money has transformed us and made us into greedy people. obsessed with money and we’ve forgotten about the finer, more important things in life.


Felicity McManus

Australian money

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