First Blog

TASK: In a poem or short prose piece describe a situation where you have either seen or experienced a dramatic difference in theĀ state of a human being and its impact on the world around.

I was lying on my stomach in the spare room of my grandmother’s townhouse, desperately trying to complete a mathematics workbook for school. I was surrounded by several sheets of working out paper, various rubber shavings, my worn calculator and pens and pencils spread as far as the eye can see. I could hear my grandmother moving around downstairs, along with the radio playing classical music. It was a very tranquil Saturday evening.

Until the phone rang and the peace was disturbed. My grandmother quickly answered it to find one of my cousins on the other end. She had been away in Tasmania so I assumed she was calling to tell my grandmother all about her trip until I heard a huge gasp from my grandmother. I raced downstairs in case something was wrong but the scene I arrived on was anything but. My grandmother had the biggest smile on her face and her eyes absolutely sparkled – it turned out my cousin had become engaged on the top of Cradle Mountain.

The news’ effect on my grandmother was instantaneous – after all, this was my eldest cousin; her eldest grandchild who had been through a rough childhood estranged from the rest of our family. My grandmother looked like everything had fallen into place and that all the stars had aligned for her. It was as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders and in that moment, I saw just what pure and unadulterated joy looked like and the effect it could have on people. My grandmother looked years younger and all the pieces of the puzzle fit. It was absolute and total bliss – all was right with the world.