Fifth Peer Review

Tom Whitaker –

“Hi Tom,
I love your poem, it’s fabulous and I feel like it accurately captures what is going on in the Brett Whiteley painting. The painting seems quite chaotic and messy, which is exactly what you have communicated in your poem and it is only further highlighted by your very effective use of exclamation marks throughout the poem. Great work!”

Fourth Peer Review

Victoria Kotsoris –

“Hi Victoria,
I categorised Patrick White exactly the same way you did! “Spiritual but not religious”! I completely agree with you that White seemed to find a lot of enjoyment in menial tasks and I remember in the video that Marr said that White would like to live a simple life, even though he already led a very simple life! I also agree with your concluding statement that while White couldn’t exactly be considered a Christian, he was looking for a higher driving force to help explain the world around him. Your blog has been so wonderful to read, thank you! 🙂”

Third Peer Review

Raina Ebrahim –

“Hi Raina,
This is amazing! I honestly didn’t know where you were going to take this brief story but it’s not where I was expecting it to go and I am very pleasantly surprised! 😀 You’ve managed to capture so many emotions and feelings in such a short story so well and you covered everything from love to confusion to sadness.

Just one thing with grammar and editing: I would suggest when you’re writing a question, even if someone is thinking it, to put quotation marks and a question mark. In the second line of your story, it reads “I kept thinking to myself was he looking at me or looking through me into my soul” when it should read “I kept thinking to myself, ‘was he looking at me or looking through me, into my soul?’” But otherwise, amazing work! 🙂”

Second Peer Review

Natalie Azzopardi –

“Hi Natalie,
I’m glad to see how much you liked the excursion and I actually wrote something on my own blog about the wall of quotes too! Funny how this one bit of the gallery can impact us all! I absolutely agree with you: the quotes all mean something different and in turn, they affect us differently. They each have their own meaning and message about life and some of them just make you laugh! 😀 Just a couple of quick things: maybe proofread your blog before you publish it: it’s “Whiteley”, not “Whitley” and “brief”, not “breif”. A wonderful thoughtful blog – keep it up! 🙂”

First Peer Review

Mariah Chahine-Karam –

“Hi Mariah,

I really admire the fact that you created your own topic for this unit so well done! I like that you brought in the concepts of innocence and purity because they are definitely what people think of when they think of angels. I also love that you went a step further and interpreted the visual image too and tied it in really neatly with your argument. Just quickly, watch your grammar and punctuation, there are some commas and punctuation marks missing in places so I’d suggest proofreading before you publish. Amazing work! 🙂”